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Social Media

instagram and facebook
and yelp if you need it!

social media: Projects

Researching instagram hashtags to best fit your business and building an image that best represents the brand to better reach the right clients.
But everyone can do that, feeding the audience with ads are important but it's better marketing if the audience wants to feed themselves.


Creating a facebook page and pumping out content to create interactions with real people in the area.
But once again everyone can do that, linking up with already established pages and groups to boost engagements organically is key when it comes to FB marketing.


Yelp might be the best way to attract new customers in the area, if you have a good rating. So it is important to thank yelpers who have took the time to write a good review and responding them accordingly.
Now as an elite yelper for a couple of years I am here to make sure yelpers are satisfied in the way that they want to be.

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